Which Are The Best Poppers In 2024

We like to consider ourselves somewhat of experts when it comes to poppers. A trusted source. We set up this whole store and brand, afterall. And it seems you guys agree - one of the most common questions I get asked either via email or our Twitter DM’s is for recommendations. We’ll always try our best to take in your personal tastes when answering, but it gave me the idea to write this guide as a starting point; so I can give you all a bit more of an in depth answer. 

So, we’re well into 2024 now. We can see the trends emerging and know what you guys have been craving. If you’re asking which are the best poppers in 2024, read on!

Gape Boy Poppers 

We launched Gape Boy in the tail end of 2023, and to be frank, we were not prepared for these to go viral. Tiktoks, tweets, you name it. Gape Boy blew up. So much so that we sold out of our first batch within just a few days and had to make it a priority to make more!

Besides the obvious pun and nostalgia factor, which we are proud of, Gape Boy makes use of a relatively new formula in poppers: n-Pentyle. We already know that Pentyl poppers are strong, but with this slight alteration to the chemical formula, we’re able to augment Pentyl to be even stronger. If you’re curious, you can read more about n-Pentyle in our popper formula guide

Three bottles of Gape Boy Poppers.

Rush Poppers

Some old favourites simply never go out of fashion, and that’s certainly the case with Rush poppers. Rush poppers have persisted since the 70’s and popularised the original Amyl Nitrite formula that has stuck around to this day. 

Another of the most common questions I get in my inbox is asking if we stock the original formula of poppers. Nowadays there’s numerous different variations of Rush you can pick from, but I am happy to confirm that the 50-year-old Amyl Nitrite Rush formula is still available, and yes, we stock it!

Three bottles of Rush poppers.

Scented Dumb Bitch Juice

A lot of you have been lowering your IQ with Dumb Bitch Juice since we opened our virtual doors. We wanted to build on this and try something new for 2024. Just what would make dumb bitches, such as yourself, lose even more brain power? 

The answer? Fun, fruity cocktail scents while you’re drooling your way through cock after cock. 

Scented poppers are a first for us, but you’ve responded well and we couldn’t be happier! So if you’re looking to mix up your popper arsenal in 2024, look no further than our new Dumb Bitch Juice poppers that come in Banana Blast, Berry Blitz and Mojito Madness.

Four bottles of Dumb Bitch Juice.

Hypno Poppers 

Himbo training, fem-boy conditioning, or just general sluttery, more and more of you are emptying your brain to spirals and reprogramming your mind. There’s just something oh so satisfying about making yourself a blank canvas, primed and ready for instructions on how to become a better slut. We produced the hypno line with this very purpose in mind!

It was important to us to make this one accessible to as many of you as possible, regardless of skill level or preference. We started off with a Propyl formula of Hypno Poppers, to help those who’re newer to poppers. For those of you who are a bit more experienced, Hypno Max is an Amyl Nitrite bottle, while Hypno Ultra goes one step further by blending the two Amyl Nitrite and Propyl formulas together for the ultimate brain melting experience. 

Three bottles of Hypno Poppers.

Ass Ammo

We noticed that over the last few years that more and more of you are getting into fisting. What was once a fridge, niche kink is becoming increasingly mainstream. While you might have had to use specialist apps, like Recon, five years ago, it’s pretty easy to find someone for some FF fun on Grindr nowadays. 

So, Ass Ammo was created for all of you who are trying to stretch yourself deep and wide. This Amyl Nitrite formula is strong enough to satisfy those of you with even the hungriest of holes. Ass Ammo comes in a strong, metal bottle to keep your bottles secure and fresher for longer. If you’re looking to get into some more ass stretching, give Ass Ammo a try.

Three bottles of Ass Ammo Poppers.

How to choose the best poppers for you

Like many things in life, there’s no real simple answer to which are the best poppers. Poppers have different formulas, strengths, and lengths of action. What one person likes may not be to someone else's tastes. What we can do however is to help you make an informed decision. For example, if you’re new to poppers I’d recommend that you keep to Propyl poppers, these tend to be on the less intense side of things. 

You can read more about what different poppers do and decide what’s best for yourself on our guide on the different types of popper formulas

Why buy your poppers from Twisted Beast

We want you to have the best experience possible with our poppers. If you’re drooling all over yourself after using our products, we’re happy. To make sure you’re getting the freshest poppers possible we only produce limited stock and refill often. That means you can be confident you’re getting fresh poppers - as opposed to some bottle that’s been stored in a warehouse for months on end. 

It’s also important that you’re able to shop in confidence. We guarantee safe shipping on all orders, and have an honest review platform where users rate their experiences with our poppers to make you decide if a bottle is right for you!